I started running TAB boards in Harrogate in early 2010.

In my previous career I was a partner in an international firm of accountants and business advisers, and I worked with many private business owners.

I also ran the practice for over fifteen years (8 partners and nearly 100 staff), and so gained first hand knowledge of the challenge and rewards associated with motivating other people.

This gave me tremendous respect for what business owners and managers do, but also taught me the value of good advice.

I should love to have been a member of TAB when I ran the practice, because however helpful your colleagues are, the buck stops with you – and other people who have the same responsibility understand what it feels like.

This is true even though (or perhaps, because) they run a business in a different industry – most business challenges are the same whatever business you are in – in most cases, people, marketing, sales, and money.

When I learned about TAB Boards and the model of establishing Business Owner Advisory Boards, I thought this would be a great service for private business owners. I have also found that TAB provides a model where I could make use of the experience that I have accumulated over my career, and the empathy that I have with anyone else who runs a business, to make a real difference in the companies and the lives of business owners. It felt like the perfect fit.

Now that I have been operating TAB Boards for 5 years, I can’t imagine doing anything else.
I am currently running three local boards with twenty members in the Harrogate area. Our members include the full spectrum of business areas, including manufacturing, construction, distribution, and professional services. Our board members have a combined experience of over 150 years running businesses. They have bonded with each other at a very profound level and have derived tremendous value from being part of a TAB Board.

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